UK Tech Start-Ups: Paving the way to innovation

The UK has always been a high-flyer within the world’s collective Technology sector, with new companies emerging all the time. They each with their own unique contribution to an ever-expanding market, and living at the height of the internet age means that pressure is mounting. These companies must create something brand new that can keep up with today’s fast-paced, digital world. Here are a few companies that are leading the way, and establishing themselves as genuine giants of tech.

The first of these companies is Unlimited Reality with their game: Kazooloo. First released in 2014, Kazooloo is an augmented reality game that fuses a mobile app with a physical game board. The game developer has been described by Forbes as “a pioneer of augmented reality.” With its combination of “first-person shooter”-like gameplay and an experience that has its players actively dodging enemies as though they were real, this game was bound for success. It would seem as though they have certainly found it, with both Hamley’s and Harrods opting to sell the game in stores. After being voted top tech toy of the year by specialist website TechRadar, 2017 looks set to be another big year for Unlimited Reality, with its sequel game – named DMX – only just released at the beginning of this month.

Next, we have a company called Kano. In 2013, Kano launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of their product: An easy-to-build computer system which would enable people of all ages – tech savvy or not – to make their very own system, as well as to gain basic coding knowledge. It only took the founders - Alex Klein, Saul Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman – 18 hours to reach their campaign goal of $100,000, with the fund totalling at $1.5million from 13,387 backers by the end. The company launched another Kickstarter campaign in September of 2016 to fund the manufacturing of three new products: the Kano light-board, camera and speaker. The new fund closed in October of 2016, having successfully raised nearly $645,000 with the help of 2,399 backers.

The last of these companies is Deliveroo. Founded in 2013, this online food delivery service has grown incredibly fast, with an estimated 20,000 couriers and active operations in eighty-four countries. The service has proved to be popular, most probably due to the concept of delivery from several chain restaurants that do not offer this service themselves. Forbes reported that the company is at a growth level of 25% month-on-month, which is impressive for a relatively new company. The company went through four rounds of seed funding to get to its current position, with the funds reaching the sum of $200million.

All of the companies described above are bright lights in the UK’s tech industry; aiding its journey to becoming the world’s biggest technology hub.

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