Looking for investment?

You know your business has great potential for growth, but it is no secret that accessing the funding you need can seem like a minefield. Even with the most promising business plan, institutional funding routes can be frustrating and restrictive at best, and simply untenable for many businesses. Personal investment, crowd funding, complex, drawn-out funding applications, even high-interest short-term loans have become the norm for many UK businesses who have high potential but limited resources.

The Hexagon Corporation aims to change that, with a unique and proven approach to the market focuses on delivering new funding streams from the Chinese market, alongside strategic support to enable sustained growth and profitability.

Working predominately with Chinese angel funders, our model can include business advisory services, marketing support, and a team of high-level professionals working with you at every stage of the journey.

The outcome? You’ll not only have the working capital you need to grow, but the support you need to achieve even more than you believed possible.

Hexagon Corporation has extensive investment funds in place, Chinese investors waiting for the right opportunity, and a UK team waiting to help you take your business to the next level. Unlike many UK organisations, there are no fees if we can’t help you access the funding you need. We’re waiting for your call. Contact us today to start your journey

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