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[embed][/embed] It has been a busy few days for wi-Q Technologies at The Hotel Show, Dubai. Not only have we met some fantastic people, but we have also experienced some other, cutting-edge hospitality technology. THE BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY However, the biggest Dubai news this week comes from The Middle East Hospitality Awards. The world-famous…
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Chinese Investment Set to Remain Steady Despite Brexit Concerns

Chinese investment into UK businesses is on a course to continued growth, figures suggest. 2016 was the biggest year for Chinese-based investment since 2012, with $12.38billion in total being poured into UK-based ventures. Europe as a whole saw $46 billion come in as overall growth has remained at 90% year-on-year, according to Baker McKenzie. The…
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UK Tech Start-Ups: Paving the way to innovation

The UK has always been a high-flyer within the world’s collective Technology sector, with new companies emerging all the time. They each with their own unique contribution to an ever-expanding market, and living at the height of the internet age means that pressure is mounting. These companies must create something brand new that can keep…
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